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Transformers, Chokes & Coils


MITRONIC is the full-service provider of wound components for industrial applications.
Our offer includes all transformer types, coils, and chokes.

We are able to supply a wide range of:

Signal Transformers

Control Transformers

Linear Transformers

Main Power Transformers

Switch Mode Transformers

Pulse Transformers

Step Down Transformers

Step Up Transformers

Auto Transformers

Variable Transformers

Current Transformers

Constant Voltage Transformers

Rectifier Transformers

Current Sense Transformers

Flyback Transformers

Inverter Transformers

Single Phase Units

Three Phase Units

Ferrite Core Transformers

R-Core Transformers

Toroidal Transformers

Laminated Transformers

Chassis Mounting Transformers

PCB Mounting Transformers

Encapsulated Transformers

Low Profile Transformers

Shielded Transformers

Lighting Transformers

Electronic Transformers

Loudspeaker Transformers / Audio Transformers

High Frequency Transformers

Common Mode Chokes

Choke Coils

Power Chokes

Dimmer Chokes

Lighting Chokes

Chokes for Electronic Ballasts

Interference Suppression Chokes

High Frequency Chokes

Power Factor Correction Chokes

Chip Inductors

SMD Power Inductors

Coils with Gap

Air Coils and Spring Coils



Finishing: Plain, Varnish Dipped or Vacuum Varnish Impregnation.