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Adverising Industry



MITRONIC supply semi-final and final electrical, mechanical and acryl products to advertising industry companies.
We supply ready for use advertising products, as well.

Range of services:

Metal frames (powder painted)


Electrical ready for use kits for Acryl Displays

Extension cords (Schuko standard)

Metal boxes

Mechanical services:

Metallic housings (steel, aluminum, copper, acid-resistant, stainless).

Powder painting (RAL palette)

Screen printing on metal and plastic

Plating (chrome, cadmium)

Steel sheet processing

Laser cutting

Water cutting technology

CNC contour saw cutting


Final form using CNC folding machines

Stamping products (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass).

Tube bending

Zinc alloy cast products

Welding (including aluminium welding)

Plastic parts and components made with injection moulding technique