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We cooperate with an experienced engineer, who have worked for German companies in designing measurement equipment for the West European space exploration program.

Excerption of our consultant website :

Stanislaw Gadomski         Stanislaw Gadomski

I am retired since Jan 01. 2008, after29 years work in the Space Research Center as the design engineer of scientific instruments electronics.
I have got 45 years of professional experience in the electronic design, so I still work as a consultant and translator. Languages spoken: Polish (native), English, German, Russian, French and Czech.
My recent designs are:

  • Analog Front End electronics for Radio Frequency Analyzer - Obstanovka project for Alfa orbit station

  • Analog electronics for near infrared spectrometer in the project SIR-2 (for Max Planck Institute MPS/Lindau, space mission on lunar orbit)

  • Security microcontroller system for the lifts, measuring the lifting ropes load

  • Extase - the instrument for measuring the ground temperature and its thermal conductivity.

  • Audio amplifier system for offices

  • Rosetta
  • project (space mission to the C-G comet) - the design of MUPUS penetrator electronics for temperature and thermal conductivity measurements of the comet ground. Interface to the Digital Processor Unit at Lander.
  • CESAR project (Fourier infrared spectrometer on the Earth orbit) - analog electronics, interfaces to board processor unit, temperature control, mirror positioning and others

  • Priroda project (on russian Mir orbit station) - ADC converter for TV signals of sun positioning system, automatic light control.

  • Interball project - plasma wave frequency analyzer.

  • MARS'96 project- plasma wave frequency analyzer.

  • Earth tides measuring stations- data recording, precision temperature control.

  • RF remote control of coal mining machines (microcontroller systems)

  • Microwave humidity meter- analog LF signal processing, microcontroller systems, data transmission.

  • Picture spectrometers (24 channels) based on TV camera and interferometer filters for remote sensing, microscope analysis.