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Power semiconductors



  • High surge current capability.

  • Wide current range.

  • Suitable for many applications

0.6A – 6000 A Thyristors
                 Disc Thyristors

                 Disc Diodes

                 Stud Thyristors and Diodes

Modules    (thyristor and diode)


  • Heat transfer through aluminium oxide ceramic isolated metal baseplate

  • Precious metal pressure contacts

  • Thyristor with amplifying gate

  • Typical Applications

  • DC motor control (e.g. for machine tools)

  • AC motor soft starters

  • Temperature control (e.g. for ovens, chemical processes)

  • Professional light dimming (studios, theaters)

  • Power Semiconductor Fuse’s
  • Bridge Rectifiers

  • Power Transistors

  • Triac’s, SCRs

  • Chips (Transistor, Thyristor, Triac, SCRs)

  • Diac’s

We have many popular semiconductors on stock. For example C106D, BTA10-400B, DB3, BUT11A, BYT54, BYT54M, BZT03C27, BZT03C47 and other BZT03C types.