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We provide complete services in Industrial Electronics, Electrical and Advertising Industry. In 2018 Mitronic will celebrate its 36 anniversary (established in 1982). We specialize in products, which require a considerable input of manual work. This helps us to optimally use the differences in labor costs between Poland and Western Europe. We operate from Eastern Poland, one of Europe's Lowest Cost manufacturing bases. Office and storehouse are located in Warsaw, within easy reach of all the main shipping centers. Deliveries can be made within 48 hours via Hellmann Logistics, Raben, DPD, DHL, TNT and FedEx.
We supply electrical, mechanical & plastic components, harnesses & cable assemblies, semi-final and final products. Our offer includes design services in electronics, mechanics and software and prototyping services, manufacture of test runs and production runs, warranty repairs, sourcing of components and full materials management. Products can be fully tested to your specification. Work requiring CNC or manual milling, turning, punching, stamping, bending or the like can also be done. This combination of many services enables us to reduce costs and shorten production preparation time. We use our good knowledge of the Eastern Europe industry and personal contacts.
Emergency buffer stocks of components can be established to provide urgent deliveries